Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!

Well, it's better late than never isn't it?

I just noticed there are 4 comments on my last blog post - wow - thanks! I never intended to "be a blogger" or even send people here - I felt like I had enough sites already, what with the twatter, and myspace, youtube, facebook and the Lizzy the Lezzy website. But if you're gonna stop by anyway then the least I can do is try and post something every now and then! Perhaps that can be my new year's resolution, it would be nice to keep a proper journal of my journey to lesbian world domination.

The truth is I'm scared to commit. Not to a relationship, silly, to this blog. I mean, what if this is my last post? What if I never feel like posting a blog again? Well, there will always be videos to post I suppose!