Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get a yearly cervical smear / pap smear test!

VERY IMPORTANT LADIES! make sure you go for regular pap smear tests! i know it's orrible sometimes, but it's gotta be done - spread the word!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well, it's been a long time that i've wanted to go to jail - you know, just to see what the action is like!

Official Site: http://www.lizzythelezzy.com

Stand up Comedy videos by LIZZY THE LEZZY

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cuz I'm a LESBIAN!

Get Muff Muncher t-shirts here! http://www.cafepress.com/lizzythelezzy
Lizzy and the Muff Munchers -- I'm a Lesbian! http://www.lizzythelezzy.com
Created by Ruth Selwyn

Music by Yael Heim

The Muff Muncher Band:
Shakti "Shagme" Gorodetsky
Natalie "Nat the Twat" Walker
Hagit "I want a Harley" Shapira

Also starring:
Hadas B http://twitter.com/hadasb as a big dyke
Jill Abrams http://www.youtube.com/JillAbrams
Libby Tishler, Tami Bibring, Dana Ziv, Lior Elefant, Noa Barak, Yael B and the other dykes in the pub!

You can get it as a ringtone at http://www.myxer.com/lizzythelezzy but you have to sign in to get it as all my ringtones are labeled "explicit" - stupid!
The lyrics - Sing along lezbos!

Lesbiaaan. I'm a lesbiaaaan.
Lesbiaaan. I'm a lesbiaaaan!

I stand out in a crowd, I am a one in ten
Say it out aloud say it again and again

Well I am a lesbian and this is my thing
I'm not looking for a man or a wedding ring
Yeah it's women that I like coz I am a big dyke
I am as queer as queer can be and I drive a motorbike

Coz I'm a lesbian
Yeah you know what I mean
I'm a lesbian
I love the vagine
Coz I'm a lesbian
Yeah you know what I mean
I'm a lesbian
It's a daily routine

Well the lesbians I know are pretty cool
They wear their pants really low and it makes me drool
They wear comfortable shoes and they walk a certain way
They have a look in their eyes that says "I'm totally gay!"
Coz I'm a lesbian...


I stand out in a crowd, I am a one in ten
L E S B I A N (Coz I'm a lesbian)
Say it out aloud say it again and again
Coz I'm a lesbian

Oh baby, you mean so much to me
I love the way you smother me
I know we only met 2 weeks ago but,
Do you wanna move in with me?

Coz I'm a lesbian
Yeah you know what I mean
I'm a lesbian
I can keep a girl keen
Coz I'm a lesbian
Yeah you know what I mean
I'm a lesbian
A munching machine!

Yeah being a lesbian is really the best
We like to work out for hours and strengthen our chest
We can party all night and we drink quite a lot
And one thing is for sure the sex is steamy and hot!



More of Lizzy's stand up comedy on youtube.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lizzy the Lezzy on the Sundance Channel!

I've made 5 new Lizzy episodes (and one with Gary the Gay, yay!) for The Sundance Channel - if you live in the US check your TV listings, they will be running them for Gay Pride Month this month! Or you can just watch them all right here! Enjoy muff munchers!


"Lesbian Break-Ups"

"Love is..."

"Doctors & Nurses"

"Universal Love"

More of Lizzy's stand up comedy on youtube.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Please spread the word! Itawamba Agricultural High School should LET CONSTANCE MCMILLEN TAKE HER GIRLFRIEND TO THE PROM!

The lesbians are behind you Constance!

Join Constance McMillen on facebook!

Constance McMillen is an 18 year-old senior at Itawamba Agricultural High School, and she wanted to attend prom with her girlfriend, also an IAHS student. After meeting with school officials, she was told that she and her girlfriend would not be allowed to attend together.

Constance then contacted the ACLU, and they sent the school a letter demanding that the school respect her constitutional right to bring a female student as her prom date and to be able to wear a tux. The school board decided that there was no way they could hold a prom and not allow Constance and her girlfriend to attend, so they canceled it!

The ACLU have filed a complaint in federal court, asking the court to reinstate the prom for all students at the school and charging Itawamba County School District officials with violating Constance McMillens First Amendment right to freedom of expression.

Watch more Lizzy's stand up comedy!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vajazzling – How to vajazzle your vajayjay like Jennifer Love Hewitt!

There's a new vagina fashion in town and it's called "Vajazzling"! Read my post all about vajazzling and how to vajazzle your vag on funnynotslutty.com

And if you don't know what vajazzling is yet, or how to vajazzle your vag, here is a video explaining it!

Happy vajazzling everyone!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year's Resolutions!

Well, it's better late than never isn't it?

I just noticed there are 4 comments on my last blog post - wow - thanks! I never intended to "be a blogger" or even send people here - I felt like I had enough sites already, what with the twatter, and myspace, youtube, facebook and the Lizzy the Lezzy website. But if you're gonna stop by anyway then the least I can do is try and post something every now and then! Perhaps that can be my new year's resolution, it would be nice to keep a proper journal of my journey to lesbian world domination.

The truth is I'm scared to commit. Not to a relationship, silly, to this blog. I mean, what if this is my last post? What if I never feel like posting a blog again? Well, there will always be videos to post I suppose!